About us

About Us:

Interested in the issues of human social, intellectual and cultural rights.

Are interested in all kinds of disability issues in order to publish in the community for awareness

We seek to liberate human thought from the constraints of society and the backwardness and ignorance which enhances the negative aspects of society and thus an individual’s behavior based on these negatives

Strive for the development of human thought and develop their abilities.

Analyze and address the issues of the environment and the economy, which reflected their effects on humans and the environment.

We offer the latest news and information related to the topics of the site.

Wissal Shahoud

  • Father Name: Ahmad
  • Sex: Female
  • Marital Status: married
  • Date of birth: Salamiah-1967
  • Nationality: Syrian


  • Bachelor degree in Translation Al-baath University – 2005-2006/2009-2010
  • Computer driving skills
  • Business Administration Certificate

Professional experience:


  • Arabic
  • Native Langage.
  • Fluent in academic Reading and writing, Fluent in speaking and listening.
  • English
  • Very good in writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • French
  • I’m good in French
  • German
  • I’m learning this language

Computer skills:

ICDL certificate ( word, power point, excel, access)

Using internet, email Correspondance

Voluntary works and community services:

volunteer in( STUDEIS CENTER FOR HANDICABED ) since 2006

Hopies and interests:

Reading, writting in news paper and in many websites .

Interested in computer programme.


Telephone number: Mobil : 00201025275004

Email:  wissal@asynat.com


Dr. Osama Abdel-Latif