Solutions to the problem of the friendship between the sexes when young

Solutions to the problem of the friendship between the sexes when young   We have entered the era of modern technology and the Internet, etc., it is impossible to monitor your children and creating barriers for them, but with reason and wisdom and know-how, and parents should know that to have a baby and raise him breeding valid is not easy, a great responsibility, For those who choose to assume this responsibility should be eligible to them.   The father Fadil to take from his son, his friend from childhood not teach him to manhood and fatherhood is in command and scream, but is closer to the Son, and the awareness indirectly not feel son that he was receiving orders or guidance, but is inherent in friendship and carry the burden of and participation in the life .   As the mother accommodate her daughter not collapsed and تزجر not Temted of her daughter’s behavior, does not impose upon the behavior of not knowing and knowledgeable. And therefore not a girl or just breeding and rearing boy’s father, but the parents involved carry full responsibility for raising both parties.   As for the friendship فاتركوا sons living a share of freedom, but your presence, and be safe secrets and Ask them about their friends, and if the one speaking on a call not Tanstwa listen investigation but Be friends to your children, and not padding them enough to express them for their conduct free, but be with them, Van was your son’s children, be children like him, and that was at a young age Fiehoa with stage nor Taatzaiqgua if the wrong one, because you once you are in, such as their age have you sinned against such errors, Valtmsoa excuse them or ask them a lot more than energy their potential so as to Aitionkm always .   And sons, young men and women of the age and the future of the family to take from the parents of friends, they are not your enemies, they are first and foremost love your interest they tried to get close to them as possible.

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